There are different ways to move your belongings to Belgium and there are many different companies offering removal services.

Action steps

  • You can move by yourself or use a specialized company. You can find a list with recognized moving companies on or 
  • If you want the moving van to be able to park in front of your house, you can ask a temporary parking ban on a part of your street at the police station. This permit should be requested at least a number of days before the moving (exact number depends - check the website mentioned here after). More information and opening hours (Dutch only).

Moving pets to Belgium

  • Dogs and cats from other European Union countries need an EU Pet Passport. No animal will be permitted access without this Pet Passport.
  • Animals entering Belgium from outside the EU must be identifiable and accompanied by official documentation along the same lines of the EU Pet Passport.

Moving your car to Belgium

  • If you move from another EU-country, you have to register your car first at the customs office in Belgium and at the DIV (vehicle registration service).
  • If you move from outside the EU, you must declare your car at the first customs office upon crossing the border into the EU. It is possible to complete the formalities in Belgium.

Attention points

  • When sending your things to Belgium, it is important to note that costs generally vary according to the volume of goods and the way of moving the goods (shipping, airfreight…). It may be a good idea to ask for a cost estimate first.
  • If you move to Belgium from outside the European Union, it is possible that you have to fulfill certain customs formalities and pay customs taxes.

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