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Hello and welcome to Belgium! 

The International House Leuven (IHL) is a non-profit that helps internationals get settled, find work and establish a community in and around Leuven. 

Our work is made possible through support from our founders at imec, KU Leuven, Leuven Mindgate and Stad Leuven - thank you. 

What do we do?

Our mission is to create an amazing place for people from all over the world to live and work happily in Leuven and the region. We do this through two key activities:

  • Informing: We provide practical information, advice and insights (in English!) to help anyone find answers about living in and around Leuven.
  • Connecting: We host regular events and socials to help you meet others, find work and feel like a local in no time.

Whether you have been in Leuven for 15 minutes or 15 years, whether you are an international or a born and raised local, you're welcome at IHL.

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“I’ve recently moved to Leuven from Canada, but I was not expecting to have such a great resource at our fingertips to help us get settled. Thank you!”
Eric, Canada

Who are we?

The IHL team is small but mighty: Natalie and Anna are the two full-time members of staff running the show, answering questions, hosting events and making sure we never run out of biscuits.

They are regularly supported by some part-time helpers, and our amazing community. We can do so much because we have more than 100 wonderful volunteers who host socials, welcome newcomers and get stuck in when we need extra hands.

Thank you!

Get to know us

"The staff at the International House are awesome. Natalie and Anna sent me amazing links on what living in Belgium is about and many relevant aspects that our family will need to consider. They are exceptional and do their job with 5*!!!"
Thom, USA

How IHL came to be

Moving to a new place can be hard - not just navigating the practicalities, but also the culture shock and finding a new community. As of 2023, there were over 22,000 internationals living in Leuven from 166 different countries - that's around 20% of the local population!

In 2016, 1,264 international knowledge-workers from 24 local organisations were asked what makes the Leuven region an attractive place to live and work - and what could be better. The IHL was one of the key ideas that came out of that white paper ... and the rest, as they say is history!

As of 2024, we are working to bring some of our Leuven successes into wider Vlaams Brabant, stay tuned for more.

More about IHL

"Amazing place, wonderful people!"

With thanks to our funders

The IHL wouldn't exist without the wonderful organizations who fund and support us, they are:

Our sincerest thanks for your continued support.

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