Finding Household Assistance

When you want some help around the house, you can use dienstencheques or service vouchers. What exactly are diestencheques and where can you find help around the house? We will explain.

International House Leuven
13 February 2024


The service voucher or dienstencheque is a means of payment, subsidised by the government, which allows a private person to pay an employee of a recognised company advantageously for household work. This household work may include cleaning (also window cleaning), laundry and ironing, clothing repair, doing groceries and preparing meals.

It's important to know that the company Pluxee (formerly known as Sodexo) is the government appointed company to issue the service vouchers or dienstencheques. Pluxee does not provide the household help. There are a lot of commercial companies who provide the household help accepting dienstencheques as a means of payment.

To get service vouchers you need to subscribe online (in Dutch only) or by them via your bank.

The minimal order is 10 service vouchers, the maximum order is 1000 service vouchers for a family. The period of validity of service vouchers is 12 months. The purchase of service vouchers gives right to a tax advantage of 1,8 EUR per service voucher. A service voucher of 9 EUR will actually cost 7,2 EUR after the tax reduction (numbers from Feb. 2024). The work or services performed can only be used for private needs.

How do I find a cleaner?

In order to find a cleaner you simply need to search for a cleaning service near you and ask for the availability. Another common way to find help around the house is asking your network.

You can also use this data base to search for a help.

In order to find a one time cleaner you need to search for a company that specifically specializes in one-time cleanings.

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