IHL Milestones

A lot has happened since IHL was established in 2017! Check out our story timeline below to see how IHL has grown over the years.

Our Story


  • The taskforce ‘People’ of Leuven MindGate surveys institutions, employers and internationals on the needs and experiences of internationals in the Leuven region



  • The International House Leuven is launched during Expatival (Dec)


  • IHL is started with 1 employee (Jan)
  • First Newcomers evenings start (Oct)
  • Start dual career week, start newsletter


  • Start Expats in Facebook Group (March)
  • IHL keeps growing: more social events, additional career support,
  • start European project UrbAct Welcoming International Talent


  • (corona unfortunately) switch to online services, online conversation groups of Babbel and coffee mornings
  • Start inter-provincial policy group (Leuven, Limburg, Gent/Oost-Vlaanderen) on “labour migration - warm welcome”


  • Start of the bi-weekly career sessions & tax consultations
  • Kick-off HR network (Oct)
  • IHL hires second person (Nov)
  • IHL starts their instagram (Nov)
  • IHL starts the meetup group Internationals and expats in Leuven (Dec)
  • Inter-provincial group Warm Welcome expands to all 5 Flemish provinces


  • Start weekly open consultations on Tuesdays
  • Interprovincial policy group on welcoming internationals


  • IHL launches Ambassador programme (Feb)
  • We reach 1000 members on meetup (Aug)
  • Expatival celebrates 5 years of IHL with a one day festival - 800+ registrations!! (Oct)
  • IHL wins a EUR100k grant from VLAIO to expand across Vlaams Brabant (Dec.)


  • IHL team expands with part-time staff (Mar)

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This page was last updated on: 15 March 2024