Getting Your COVID and Flu Vaccinations in Belgium

When the fall season approaches, it brings with it a reminder for everyone to consider their health and well-being. Unfortunately COVID-19 hasn’t disappeared and the annual flue season comes back per usual. In this article, we will provide important information about COVID and flu vaccinations in Belgium.

International House Leuven
12 January 2024

When should I get my vaccine?

It is highly recommended that everyone eligible for COVID vaccination should receive their shots by the end of October. Flu vaccination becomes available from mid-October.

How does it work in Leuven?

GPs (general practitioners), pharmacists and home nurses are all allowed to vaccinate their patients.

  • GPs in Leuven will vaccinate in different ways. Most large practices will keep separate times free in their diaries (e.g. weekends) to vaccinate in their practice. So keep an eye on the communication channels of your GP. Some practices offer covid and flu vaccination simultaneously, others do it at separate times. Most (not all) Leuven GPs make lists of their vulnerable patients and provide them with a letter with the right info.
  • Search to find which pharmacy in Leuven vaccinates and ask for more info there.
  • Home vaccinations by GPs or home nurses are also possible. You can discuss this with your healthcare provider.

Vaccine costs

The COVID vaccine is free for everyone in Belgium (as of 2023). While the flu vaccine is not free, it is largely reimbursed through the national health insurance system if recommended for you. Typically, the cost is less than 5 euros.

Administration costs

The cost of administering a COVID or flu vaccine may vary depending on the healthcare provider or location where you receive it. You may be charged for the visit to your GP, for example. To get the most up-to-date information on administration costs, visit (in Dutch).

Prior vaccination or infection with COVID or the flu

If you've already been vaccinated against COVID or the flu earlier in the year, be aware that the protection provided by these vaccines may wane after a few months. Even if you've had a previous infection with COVID or the flu, your immunity may not provide long-lasting protection. Therefore, it is advisable to get re-vaccinated in the fall to ensure continued protection.

We hope it is clear now where and how to get vaccinated in Leuven or its surroundings. Keep an eye on for the most accurate information. In addition, don't hesitate to consult with your GP or pharmacist to determine when you can get your vaccine.

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This page was last updated on: 14 March 2024