Gardening in Leuven

Is gardening possible in an urban setting? It most certainly is! And you don’t even need a garden! The city can help you and your neighbours take over a plot of public land as a neighbourhood allotment.

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26 January 2024

Neighbourhood allotments

Is there a suitable plot of public land (a field, part of a garden or a park) in your neighbourhood? Get together with your neighbours, draw up a plan, and discuss the feasibility with your city. They will be happy to assist you by making the plot of public space available and providing you with all the necessary expertise and support. You can find the application form and the approval criteria for a neighbourhood allotment at

Of course, you can also register with one of the 20 existing neighbourhood allotments. You can find the locations on this map. These community gardens are supported by the parks and gardens department (groendienst), the sustainability department (dienst duurzaamheid) and the area-oriented service department (dienst gebiedsgerichte werking).

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Would you prefer to rent your own little patch for gardening?

No problem. This autumn the city of Leuven will be launching the allotment complex Salvenbos on the Naamsesteenweg in Heverlee. There, a large plot of land will be divided up into small, manageable parcels. The city will provide the collective facilities, such as a tool shed, a communal composting unit, and a meeting place, … Gardeners will also receive assistance when they start out. Ideal for people living in the city, who don’t have their own garden but are keen to start growing things. Since the parcels are part of a complex, you will get the chance to meet other people, pass on knowledge, and share seeds and plants, …

Interested? Send your details to They’ll put you on the waiting list and contact you as soon as the plans are more concrete.

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Interested in other neighbourhood projects? Have a look at the English inspiration booklet of the 'Stand up for your Neighbourhood' or Kom op voor je Wijk project and see what the possibilities are for getting help and/or city funding.

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