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Belgium has 3 official languages: Dutch, French and German. About 60% of Belgians are Dutch speakers, about 40% are French speakers and only 1% are German speakers. Depending on where you live and work, knowledge of French might be required. Several companies may also ask for proficiency in English. In addition to this, it is of course possible to learn a lot of other foreign languages in the Leuven region.

Action steps

  • Determine your language goals: which level of proficiency do you want to obtain, in what language, and for which purposes (hobby or professional)?
  • Define your current proficiency in the language. Most providers of language classes organize proficiency level tests before the start of the language course.
  • Look for a provider of foreign language classes. Take a look at the list of suppliers below.
  • Search for opportunities to practice the language you are learning. Several language classes providers organize opportunities to practice, for example through study trips or conversation groups. The library of Leuven also organizes ad hoc conversation groups, 'Bab(b)el', check out the activities page of the International House Leuven to find out when the next conversation group is. There are of course also a lot of online possibilities to practice.

Attention points

  • Some companies offer in-house language courses if proficiency in this language is required for your job. Inquire about such initiatives with your company.
  • If proficiency in a certain language is required for your job, you might be entitled to paid educational leave. Ask about the possibilities at the HR department of your company.
  • Most providers of language courses follow the structure of the school year and offer either classes that start in September and end in June, or classes lasting one semester (September-December or February-June). A school in Leuven that will often offer summer courses is CLT Leuven. 

Suppliers, channels and tools 


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Internationals living/working in the Leuven region, wanting to learn a foreign language.

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