Learning Dutch for children

If you are planning to stay in Leuven/Belgium for a longer period of time, it might be useful for your children to learn Dutch.

Action steps

  • Decide how you want your child to learn Dutch: by going to a local school, by taking language courses, by doing social activities in Dutch etc. The younger your child is, the easier it will be for your child to learn Dutch without any specific effort, just by being surrounded by Dutch-speaking people.

At school:

In free time:

  • Register your children with the library of Leuven. A subscription is free of charge for children under 18, and the library offers a range of books, audio books, movies, simplified newspapers, grammar books, comics, … specifically for non-Dutch speaking children.
  • There is a lot on offer for out-of-school social activities for children (sports, arts, youth movements…) in which they can practice their Dutch. See the list of suppliers below.
  • To retain your children’s Dutch proficiency over the summer, you can sign them up to different activities (summer camps, sports activities…) that are organized in Leuven. Several of these activities give special attention to Dutch language acquirement. Contact the Youth department (Jeugddienst) to get an overview of the possibilities.

Attention points

  • Be aware that for specific activities (e.g. summer camps) it might be important to register well in advance. Enquire early on about the possibilities.

Suppliers, channels and tools