Enrollment in secondary school

In Belgium children go to secondary school from the age of 12 to 18 years old. Although schools are organized through different educational networks (Government GO! – Provincial School - Free Catholic - Free alternative) the Flemish Community is responsible for the educational standard and the financing of all schools. 

The enrollment of children in a secondary school in Leuven depends upon the educational network of the schools. The enrollment of pupils for the first year of secondary school has a specific procedure.

Action steps

  • Choosing a school is an important decision. So request more information about the Belgian school system and about the secondary schools in Leuven.
  • Visit the schools that you’re interested in: make a private appointment in the school(s) or visit the school(s) during one of their open school days or information sessions which are organized at specific dates each year.
  • The brochure "Aanmelden en inschrijven in het eerste jaar 2022-2023 in Leuven" gives information on the system in general, the registration system for the first year, the schools and open days (Dutch only)

Enrollment in first grade of all Secondary School (except the Steiner School)

  • You can find more information about the educational system of the Catholic schools in Leuven and their enrollment process on the website (only in Dutch).
  • Consult the overview of the information sessions and the open school days in order to visit the schools.
  • The timing for enrollment for 2022 is:
    • Register: From Monday 28 March 2022 (14:00) until Friday 25 April 2022 (14:00) you can register your child for the school(s) of your choice using this online registration tool.
    • Enroll: Once registered, the available places will be allocated. You will receive an e-mail on 5 May 2022 with the contact details of the school where you can enroll your child. Make an appointment between 5 May 2022 and 2 June 2022 with the school to enroll your child.
    • After 9 May 2022: If you missed the registration period or you did not find a school yet for your child, you can enroll your child directly in the school of your choice, if there are places available. You will need to make an appointment with the school to enroll your child.

Enrollment for the first year of the Steiner school

  • Make contact with the schools for more information about their specific educational offer, the organized information sessions, and open school days (websites only in Dutch): Steinerschool De Zonnewijzer.

Enrollment of children in other grades than the first year

  • You can enroll your child directly at the school. Contact the school for more information.

Enrollment of children during the school year

  • If your child would like to change schools during the school year, you can enroll your child directly in the school of your choice, if there are places available. You need to make an appointment with the school to enroll your child.

Attention points

  • The school year in Belgium starts on the 1 September and ends on the 30 June. Here you can find more information about the school holidays in Belgium.
  • A typical school day in Belgium starts around 8:30 and finishes around 15:30. There is no school on Wednesday afternoon, Saturday, and Sunday. A lunch break is usually held from noon to 13:00. Most pupils stay in the school during the lunch break and normally bring their own lunch. Some schools provide hot meals during lunch.
  • In most secondary schools in Leuven, the availability of places can be limited. To make sure that you can enroll your child in a school of your choice, it is important to register your child for more than one school or, when it is possible to enroll directly in the school, to go early to the school for enrollment.
  • Children with special needs are assisted as much as possible in regular schools. To meet some children’s special needs, there are also schools for special needs education in and around Leuven. You can contact the schools directly to enroll your child for special needs education.
  • There is no secondary international school in Leuven. Here you find an overview of the International schools in Belgium.
  • One of the biggest advantages of choosing a local school is immersion. Children will be immersed in the local language (Dutch) and culture. Several schools actively support children with learning Dutch and also organize introduction classes for newcomers.



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