How to choose a pharmacist?

In Belgium pharmacies are responsible for dispensing, or if necessary preparing, (doctor prescribed) medication to patients. The sale of medication, even over-the-counter medication, is prohibited outside the pharmacy. At most, stores can offer some para-pharmacy, such as plasters/band-aids, skin ointments, disinfectants, etc. 

Action steps

  • To find a list of all the pharmacies in your neighbourhood, go to (Dutch and French only) and choose ‘vind een apotheek’ on the homepage.
  • Outside the office hours you can find the pharmacy on call via or call 0903 99 000 (EUR 1.50/min) or call 1733 in case of urgent medical assistance. 
  • Present the prescription from your doctor together with your eID to the pharmacist to receive your medications.
  • If you have an EHIC-card, pay for the totality of the medication, get your prescription stamped by the pharmacist, ask for a receipt and submit all these documents to your health insurance fund.
  • If you have a Belgian health insurance fund, you only pay your personal share at the pharmacy. The reimbursed part is already be deducted from the total amount (your pharmacist will settle the remaining amount directly with the health insurer).

Attention points

  • Pharmacies can be recognized by the green neon cross outside their building.
  • Opening hours are usually office hours from Monday to Friday and on Saturday mornings.
  • Non-prescription medication is not refunded, but the majority of doctor prescribed medication is, either entirely or partially (some only up to 20%).

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