How to choose a dentist?

This document describes how to find a dentist in Belgium (more specifically in Leuven) and what you need to know before choosing a dentist.

Action steps

  • To find a list of all dentists in your neighbourhood, go to (Dutch only).
  • Outside office hours you can find the dentist on call (tandarts van wacht) via or call 0903 399 69 (EUR 1,5/min) or call 1733 if it's an emergency.
  • Check first if your chosen dentist adheres to the national agreement on the cost of health services. Geconventioneerde dentists agree and are cheaper. Niet-geconventioneerde dentists may charge higher fees (the additional amount is not reimbursed).
  • Contact your insurer first in case major dental work (crowns, bridges) is required, as you might need the approval of the insurer first.
  • Go at least once a year to your dentist for a routine check-up. If you do not do this your personal share in the cost of dental care will be up to 15% more expensive.

Attention points

  • Basic dental care (yearly check-ups, fillings, cleanings) is included in the Belgian public mandatory health insurance system. Patients can therefore claim partial reimbursements for basic dental treatments.
  • For more advanced dental care, several health insurers, be it public health insurance funds or general private insurance companies offer additional insurances. Inquire about the terms, conditions and fees if you are interested in such extra coverage as both annual fees and coverage may vary.
  • You pay the dentist first and then send the certificate of medical care (a green receipt) to your public health insurance fund for reimbursement.
  • For children under 18, basic dental care is fully reimbursed by the public health insurance fund.
  • In the Belgian health care system there are agreements about the cost for health care. These agreements are made between health insurance funds and health care providers (doctors, dentists, physiologists, etc.).
    • Dentists can choose if they follow the agreement or not.
    • If they do, they follow the convention (in Dutch geconventioneerd). In that case your personal share (remgeld) will be minimal.
    • If they do not follow the convention (niet-geconventioneerd), they can charge a higher fee which may not be covered by your insurer.
    • Several health insurance funds have an online tool to check whether a dentist follows the convention or not. The dentist can also inform you about this.

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