Rental guarantee

You will need a rental guarantee in order to rent the place where you would like to live.

The landlord will want the rental guarantee to be set up before handing over the keys.
The most typical forms of a rental guarantee in Belgium are a blocked savings account (at a bank) with an amount equaling 2 or more months’ rent, a bank guarantee, or a financial investment instrument worth an equivalent of 2 or more months’ rent. If you want to pay your rental guarantee in installments, the rental deposit is then equal to 3 months' rent (see this link for more info in Dutch).

Action steps

  • Check with the real-estate agent, landlord, or in the rental contract for what is needed as a rental guarantee.
  • Contact a bank – you’ll need the rental contract (lease contract), or a scan of it, for the opening of the rental guarantee. You can do this online if you want.
    • Banks will need an ID from you. If this is a foreign ID, they will also need your last legal address and a confirmation that you are coming to live in Belgium (a work contract for example).
    • Once all the documents have been provided, count on 2 working days for the rental guarantee to be produced (a week if it concerns a bank guarantee).
    • You will have to transfer the agreed amount of money to the account (typically 2-3 months’ rent) before it is operational.
  • When leaving the rented home, you may claim your money back. You will receive the full amount if you leave the home in good order at the end of the rental period. There will typically be an incoming survey and an outgoing survey of the rented home to reflect that.

Attention points

Please verify your rental agreement before you sign to make sure that what is in there is in line with what you agreed. Make sure that the place you rent is indeed what you need and wanted.

Although it is technically not legally mandatory to insure your home, few people accept to take the risk by themselves and landlords often ask for it. Options available: civil liability insurance as renter, content, theft, … or even a family insurance.

Supplier, channels and tools

Contact a real estate agent, relocator, or a bank that has special services for Internationals in Belgium for any specific questions.

Helpful information about rental guarantee (Dutch only)


  • Internationals in Belgium requiring a deposit for the rental home
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