Installing utilities

When it comes to installing water supply, electricity, gas, internet, telephone and television, different suppliers and providers can be contacted. 

In some cases, you can transfer the previously connected utilities and internet services into your name. In other cases, utility and telecom providers will come and connect your property.

Action steps

  • For internet, telephone (fixed or mobile) and television: make an online comparison of the offers available on the Belgian market and contact the provider of choice.
  • Contact ‘de watergroep’ for your water supply (limited information in English).
  • For electricity and gas, compare the different suppliers online (only in Dutch and French) or take an online comparative test developed by the independent authority of the Flemish energy VREG (only in Dutch).

Attention points

  •   You can change your suppliers and providers. It can be useful to compare their offers on a regular basis.
  • When choosing your supplier, take into account the rates applied and any promotional reductions, the contractual conditions, the related services and the supplier’s sustainability policy.
  • There is no obligation to choose the same supplier for gas and electricity.

Suppliers, channels, interesting links and tools

last update: 20/09/2022


Internationals living/working in the Leuven region, wanting to know how utilities and internet services can be installed.

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