Choosing an energy provider

Choosing your electricity and/or gas provider might seem confusing at first, but there are a lot of resources out there to find the best and cheapest provider for your home. 

First things first, find out what type of energy is used for what in your home. For example, is your water heated with gas or electricity? Same goes for your heating. Every home is different, and if you don't know you can't properly compare your consumption to the average.

It is always best to compare the prices of different companies to find the best option for your household. Even if you have been with one energy provider for years, you can always change by simply contacting a new provider. 

Side note: This page is only talking about gas and electricity. There is only one water provider in Leuven, and that is Watergroep

Natural gas consumption in numbers (in Flanders)

If you are curious about the average gas consumption numbers in Flanders, on the VREG website they provide an overview of the numbers, in Dutch but it translates well. Further down the page they also indicate how much natural gas is consumed (in kWh) during cooking and hot water use vs heating and other uses. If gas is used to heat your home then the consumption rises a very considerable amount (times 10!). This is something important to consider when looking for a home to rent/buy. 

V-test: a comparison tool for energy providers

The v-test is a tool that helps you find the most cost efficient energy contract that suits your needs, also in Dutch but easily translatable. This is a helpful tool to compare your current prices with other energy providers. If you decide to switch providers, it as simple as contacting a new provider and they handle the rest. (Important: During energy crises, it may take some time to get connected to a provider due to high demands, something important to remember depending on the times. For example, the winter of 2022-2023 energy providers will likely receive a high number of requests, so it may take a while for your information to process.) 

Step 1: Select your postal code, building type, and energy type (gas or electricity)

Step 2: Do you know your consumption rates? 

If not then Step 3 will ask further questions and give you an estimated usage.

If you do know you can input your numbers manually in Step 3. 

After clicking the button "Take the V-test" you will be directed to the page with the energy suppliers. The price listed is your estimated annual price, including VAT. 

Top tip: Read your meters regularly so you can see if there are any irregularities. If you don't know how to read the meters, ask your landlord to show you how. 

Wondering how much your appliances consume?

Did you know that you can borrow and energy meter from the city of Leuven for free? The best way to reduce your energy bill is to find out how much each appliance consumes. This way you know which appliances may be worth replacing for one that is more energy efficient. Request an energy meter here.


Internationals living/working in the Leuven region, wanting to know how find the best energy provider. 

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