Waste management

In Belgium household waste is managed by sorting and recycling. Each region has its own system of colour-coded bags or bins, so here are some key pointers to help you sort your trash correctly in the Leuven area

Do empty yoghurt pots belong in your blue PMD bag? Do you need to remove the plastic wrapper from brochures and magazines before sorting? How is selective waste collection organised in Leuven? Why are your neighbour's bins empty, but yours not? 

Action steps

  • The household waste collection calendars are a very good source of information; it not only contains the door-to-door collection days but also a lot of information on how to sort your household waste. You can request a hard copy and it is available online as well (in Dutch only) 
  • You can also use the Recycle! app, which is available in several languages. It contains a sorting guide as well as a very handy system of notifications linked to your home address so you know exactly when to put out the different types of trash. 
  • Ask a neighbour or your landlord. 
  • Most household waste is collected at your house, but you can also dispose of it (most types) at the so-called container or recycling parks.
  • Purchase specific bags for various types of unsorted waste, biodegradable waste and PMD at a supermarket or the City Office (Stadskantoor). Find out about the different types and their prices
  • Get more information about biodegradable waste and how it is collected. In the city center, so postal code 3000, bags are used. In the municipalities with postal code 3001, 3010, 3012 and 3018 green GFT containers are used; this container must have a valid sticker on it

Attention points

  • Sorting rules apply for the blue PMD bag. A sorting guide is available in English. 
  • The timing and frequency of collection is different in every municipality and can even differ from one side of the street to the other. It is very well possible that your neighbour's collection day is different than yours, so make sure to check the collection calendar or the Recycle! app
  • Household goods, furniture, clothing, books, etc. that can be re-used can be donated to ViTeS (formerly known as Spit) (website in Dutch). Items need to be in a good, clean state to be donated.
  • Limit paper waste by putting a 'no-advertising' sticker on your letter box.  Pick it up from the City Office (Stadskantoor) or order it online (website in Dutch).

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