Waste management

In Belgium waste is managed by selecting and recycling. 

That raises a lot of questions when getting rid of your waste. Do empty plastic containers belong in your PMD bag? Do you need to remove the plastic wrapper from brochures and magazines before sorting? How is selective waste collection organised in Leuven? You will find the answers to all your sorting and waste management questions right here.

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  • To find out when PMD, soft plastics, unsorted waste, biodegradable waste or paper-cardboard are being collected in your municipality, please check the waste collection calendar for your municipality or inter-municipal company.
  • The timing and frequency of collection is different in every municipality and can even differ in every street. You can also find more information on your municipality’s website or your inter-municipal company’s website. You can also ask your neighbour or landlord.

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Internationals living/working in the Leuven region, wanting to know how and when waste is collected.

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