Public transportation in Belgium

The public transport network in Belgium is accessible and efficient. Trains, trams, metro, buses and taxis will get you around. 

The website of the railway company offers information on timetables, domestic connections and international rail links. You can also buy your train ticket online. The bus is a convenient means of travel and the network covers a wide area. The bus routes in Belgium are handled by 3 different companies: De Lijn is responsible for the Flanders network, while TEC handles bus travel in Wallonia. The STIB buses and metro network cover the Brussels metropolitan area. You can travel by tram in the cities of Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Charleroi. You can also travel along the entire Belgian coast by taking the coastal tram. The metro is only available in Brussels. Taxis are primarily run by private companies but there are standard regulations for taxis.

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