International House Leuven Ambassador Program!

International House Leuven is pleased to launch the inaugural “Welcome Ambassador Program”, teaming up Leuven residents (international or not) with new international individuals. The goal is to provide an individual contact point to newly arrived international working professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs as well as accompanying family members and in the process personalize the experience of arrival, settling in and living in the greater Leuven area.

The programme is an integral part of how we want to go above and beyond in welcoming internationals to our region and create a dynamic community mixing both professional and social activities in a fun environment.

Application open for Welcome Ambassador Hosts

As a Welcome Ambassador Host in Leuven, you will have the opportunity to meet other internationals living in the region and local based individuals keen to develop international relations and cross-cultural interactions, enhance your experience among the main actors in the regional ecosystem and contribute to the development of the International House Leuven activities for the international community in the region.

Moreover, you will:

  • Be recognized for your achievements as a Welcome Ambassador
  • Be part of an interesting peer to peer storytelling platform, where the story is you
  • Join our community of regional thought leaders and shape the talent attraction and retention in our region
  • Meet people from all over the world, who are also currently working and living here in Leuven
  • Have some fun in the Leuven way mixing business and social life

Interested in becoming a host?

In order to apply to become a host, you must be a resident of the greater Leuven area and be willing to commit time and energy in supporting an international working professional, researcher, entrepreneur or a family member for an initial 6 months period to help them ease into life in Leuven. You can be from Leuven, other parts of Belgium or an international living in Leuven as long as you have a soft spot for and some knowledge about Leuven. 

Is this you? We define a Welcome Ambassador as a person, who on one hand is committed to go above and beyond in sharing his or her own experience in the region in a “pay it forward” manner to a newcomer and engage in social, cultural and professional integration dialogue and activities provided by the programme.

You can now fill out the welcome host form here. After submitting the form we will soon be in contact for next steps. 

Any questions? You can reach us via email

Are you a newcomer interested in being paired with a Welcome host?

If you have lived in the Leuven area for less than a year and have the intention of staying for at least 1 year, then you can fill out the newcomer form, here. After submitting the form we will soon be in contact for next steps. 

P.S. If you aren't sure whether you fit into the newcomer or welcomer role, feel free to send us an email ( with a little background on yourself and we can decide together where you will be most comfortable. 


For newcomers and locals looking to connect with other internationals/locals in Leuven.

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