Getting around in Belgium/Leuven

Leuven is easy to access by bike, public transport, or car. Nevertheless, the most convenient mode of transport is by bike or public transport. 

The circulation plan of the city expands to the pedestrian area in the historic city centre. The plan divides the rest of the centre in five areas and limits the use of cars in the city center, although a public car park is foreseen in each area. If you live in the center, a digital parking permit is necessary to park your car in your neighbourhood. Often, a bike is the best choice in Leuven. The city is also easy to reach by bus or train. The buses serve the entire city and connect Leuven with the surrounding municipalities. The train station (on the Martelarenplein) is within walking distance of the city centre.

Action steps

  • Discover how bicycle-friendly the city is and get more information about the bike-rental possibilities.
  • Plan your route by bus.You can pay for a bus ticket, in Flanders, via a contact-less credit/debit card once you board the bus. 
  • Use the ring bus (number 600) which travels around the ring road of Leuven.  This bus is a very fast way to travel around the city as you avoid crossing through the city centre. This bus is only available on weekdays and passes by every 10 minutes between 6 am and 8 pm.
  • Get more information about the circulation plan (Dutch only).
  • Find out where the public car parks are located.

Attention points

  • Be aware that your GPS may not have the latest circulation plan installed, so it's always safe to know before you go.
  • In Belgium you must have a valid driver’s licence to drive a motor vehicle. 
  • Use the blue bikes at the train station, an easy bike rental service.
  • Test your knowledge of the traffic regulations (for cyclists).
  • Some general advice on driving in Belgium can be found here.
  • For those interested, a theory book and exercises book (in English) for the driving rules in Belgium can be bought online.
  • Information on how to import a car can be found on the dedicated page of

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