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Leuven is situated in Flanders, the northern part of Belgium. Dutch or ‘Flemish’, as the variety of the Dutch language spoken in Flanders is also called, is the official language in this region. Both for work-related, administrative and social purposes, you might thus find it worthwhile to learn Dutch.

Action steps

  • Determine your language goals: which level of proficiency do you want to obtain and for which purposes (daily life conversations, teaching in Dutch in your professional jargon etc.)? The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is an international standard used to describe learners’ language goals and skills.
  • Determine which type of classes suit you best: evening or daytime classes, a class with a once-a-week frequency or an intensive summer course, private teaching or whole-class teaching.  The pace of learning is also different in the different language school networks.  These are compared in a visual presentation.
  • Determine your starting level of Dutch proficiency. Most organizations offering Dutch language courses will be able to administer a Dutch starting level test. There are also some governmental advisory agencies which can help you to determine your level of Dutch proficiency: e.g. the Federation of Integration (Agentschap Integratie & Inburgering).
  • Look for a provider of Dutch language classes. Take a look at the list of suppliers below, or ask the ‘Agentschap Integratie & Inburgering’ to assist you with finding a Dutch language course adapted to your needs, wishes, current level of proficiency, and educational level.

Attention points

  • The elementary level Dutch language class is usually free of charge to people who are enrolled in the integration program ('inburgeringstraject') of the Federation of Integration (Agentschap Integratie & Inburgering).
  • Some companies offer in-house Dutch language courses to their international staff (and sometimes also to their partners). Inquire about such initiatives in your company.
  • In Flanders, there is no standard obligation for Internationals to learn Dutch. However, for people wanting to teach at a Flemish university or university college or for people wanting to enrol in a Dutch-taught study program, a certain level of Dutch language proficiency is required. For more information contact your university or university college.

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