Which finance and insurance services to stop when leaving Belgium

When leaving Belgium some financial and insurance services are of no use to you anymore and have to be discontinued.

Your bank or insurance company must be informed in order not continue paying for a service that does not cover you anymore.

Action steps

Contact your bank or insurer to inform them that you are leaving Belgium. Inform them of your future address. Ask them which services need to be stopped given that you are leaving: direct debits for utilities, standing orders for the rent, car and travel insurance,…

Attention points

The bank or insurer will need you to fill out forms, although you sometimes may be able to cancel the services online.

Keep in mind that you may need your bank account to stay open to receive back a tax refund from the Belgian tax authorities.

At some banks you can keep many of your bank services when you move abroad. You simply need to inform them about your new legal address plus fill in some forms in order for the bank to update your data in their database.

Supplier, channels and tools

Contact your bank or insurer.


  • Internationals leaving Belgium
  • HR of a company employing an international who will be leaving Belgium
  • Relocator assisting the leaving international

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