Insuring your home

You will need a home insurance as an owner (fire insurance, …) or as a renter (renter civil liability insurance, …). 

Although it is strictly not legally mandatory, few people accept to take the risk by themselves and landlords often ask for an insurance. These insurances come with options: content, theft... or even family insurance

Action steps

  • Contact a bank or insurer for a quote. Some of them offer the full process of getting a quote and subscribing to the insurance online.
  • Compare prices and conditions.

Attention points

Please verify your rental agreement to see which insurances are included and which ones are not.

Supplier, channels and tools

Find a bank, an insurance broker or company that has special services for internationals in Belgium.


  • International in Belgium wishing to subscribe to a home insurance

  • HR of a company employing an international in Belgium
  • Relocator assisting the international

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