Child care before and after school hours

The city of Leuven offers a high quality before and after school care system, where children can participate in a number of leisure activities (e.g. music, sports, creativity) indoors - or outside, with their (school) friends. Educated staff takes care of the children.  

Action steps

  • All schools offer before and after school care, but the modalities (e.g. opening hours, staff...) vary.  You can request more information at your child’s school to see if the child care meets your needs.
  • Schools work with various organizations for after school care, some inside, some outside school buildings. For an overview of all possibilities:
  • Some schools in Leuven collaborate with the city regarding before and after school care. The organization is called KinderKuren.  Get more information directly from your child’s school, or at
  • There is a tax deduction per day per child for child care. You will receive the fiscal statement annually from your child care facility.

Attention points

  • One of the biggest advantages of letting your child go to before and after school care is immersion. Children will be immersed in the local language (Dutch) and culture. On top of that they will be doing fun things while spending their time in before and after school care.


Parents who want to make use of child care (kinderopvang) before and after school hours and on school-free days for their child aged 2,5 to 12 years

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