Where to get medical assistance?

This document describes the different types of assistance you might need and where to find them.

Action steps

  • Make sure you are covered by a Health Insurance (cfr. related item about Belgian Care System) and always carry the details with you
  • In case of life threatening issues, call 112 for an ambulance or go immediately to the ER
  • If you have another health-related issue, visit a general practitioner (GP) first or a dentist.
  • For medical problems in evenings or weekends that can’t wait but are not life-threatening, go to the afterhours medical service ‘wachtdienst’: consult W8post.be
  • Follow the advice of your GP. If needed, he will refer to a specialist best qualified to deal with your problem or to the emergency service if needed
  • Ask your GP if you are entitled to register to the GMD (Globaal Medisch Dossier = Global Medical File). This GMD enables you to get higher reimbursement and enables the GP to keep your medical history on file.

Attention points

  • GPs are easy to reach during office hours but be aware that it sometimes can take a few days before you can visit for an appointment
  • To benefit from the healthcare system, you need to subscribe to a health insurance (also called ‘mutuelle’ or ‘ziekenfonds’)
  • Be careful: the Belgian health insurance is not the same as the additional hospitalization insurance you can get from your employer or subscribe to individually.
  • You do not specifically need a referral from a GP to see a specialist, but without referral, your reimbursement might be lower

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Internationals living/working in the Leuven region and their families in need of medical assistance

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