Finding a house

There are reasonably priced, comfortable options available with regard to accommodation in Leuven, whether you want to buy or to rent.

Action steps

  • Decide which criteria are important for you:
    • Location and neighborhood
    • Proximity of facilities: school, public transport, shops …
    • Type of accommodation: an apartment or a house with a garden, furnished or unfurnished
    • Period: a shorter or a longer period
    • Budget
    • Do you want to buy or rent?
  • The best way to find a flat or house is to search online platforms (see below) or contact a real estate agency. You will find a list with recognized agencies on (Dutch or French only).
  • It is a common practice to rent short-term or temporary accommodation for a couple of days, weeks or months when you first arrive. It gives you time to explore the options, so you can make a well-informed decision for your permanent accommodation.

Renting a home

  • A rental contract is signed between the lessor (usually the owner) and the tenant.
  • The payment of a deposit / rental guarantee is required (generally the amount of three months’ rent).
  • When you move into the accommodation, an inventory of the fixtures and fittings has to be drawn up. More info in this article.

Buying a home

  • The Flemish federation of notaries issued a comprehensive brochure, in English, called "buying property in Belgium for expats" (version from November 2020).
  • A provisional sales agreement is signed between the buyer and seller and a fixed deposit is paid. This step is binding.
  • After a few months, the final sale takes place: the notarial act is signed and the outstanding amount is paid.  Notary fees and registration fees will also be due at this point.

Attention points

  • Once you are the owner of a house, you will have to pay an annual property tax.
  • If you rent a house, the lessor is obliged to register the rental contract. The registration gives the contract a fixed date and becomes binding for third parties.
  • September and October are peak months for the rental market in Leuven.

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