Things to do & see during heritage day

A trail of lights leads you past a variety of heritage related activities in the city center of Leuven during heritage day (or rather weekend) on 24 and 25 April

Heritage Day or erfgoeddag in Dutch, is organised throughout Flanders and held annually on the weekend after the Easter Holidays.  The 2021 edition celebrates the 20th anniversary of heritage day and is themed "the night as a guide". 

Heritage day in Leuven

On Saturday 24 April between 18:00 and 23:00, an illuminated walking route leads you past heritage related locations, installations and activities in center of Leuven.  You can view the route and locations on Google Maps.

Grote Markt

  • Heritage day info kiosks
  • Outdoor expo Leuvense cafés
  • Expo Koffiestories in the historical city hall (in Dutch - registration required)
  • Evening and night songs on the carillon of Saint Peter between 20:00 and 21:00



Light installation hypersphere

City park

  • Mood lighting at the entrance
  • Art installations And& festival

... and also: visit the Leuven Courthouse

One of the few times you can see the inside of the building without committing a crime :-).  There's a historical expo with audio QRs and a digital presentation called 'Vices at night' or ondeugd bij nacht (both in Dutch).

  • Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 april, 10:00 - 19:00
  • Free
  • Registration online or call 016 21 44 00 (50 places available per hour)

Museum M

Last but not least, especially for the 20th edition of heritage day, Museum M Leuven can be visited for free on Saturday and Sunday evening. Reservation is still required of course and can be done here.

Discover more activities in Flanders on erfgoeddag (in Dutch)

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