NEW!: International Book Kiosk

Stop by the International House Leuven to drop off or browse our collection of international books!

We have started an International Book Kiosk at the International House Leuven where you can drop off books that you no longer need and take books that look interesting to you! 

There is no need to return the books you take from the kiosk, unless you'd like to contribute them back to the kiosk after reading. 

We would like to have the book kiosk dedicated to books in any language, except Dutch. (There are already many kiosks around town filled with Dutch books.)

So, if you have a few books that have been collecting dust and you'd like someone else in the international community to be able to enjoy your old books, this is a great place to drop them off and maybe even leave with a new one ;)

Currently the book kiosk is a box sitting in the hallway in front of our door at the International House (Tiensevest 60). Soon we will have a real bookshelf! You are welcome to stop by with books during normal business hours. 

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