Less red tape in use of EU public documents

11/03/2019: The 'Regulation on Public Documents' aims to simplify the use of certain public documents.

Previously when citizens registering in the Belgian municipality had to present for example a marriage certificate issued in another EU country, this certificate usually required an authentication and a translation.  The Regulation now puts an end to a number of bureaucratic procedures:

- Public EU documents (birth, marriage,...) must be accepted by another EU country without the need for authentification ie the apostille

- As a rule separate translations are no longer required. If the EU document is not in the language requested by the Belgian municipality, a standard multilingual version can be obtained from the issuing authority in the origin EU country (! not all documents are available in every EU country yet!)

- Should for some reason a translation be needed, the Belgian municipality must accept a certified translation made in any EU country

The full text and links to lists of documents can be consulted on the Europen e-Justice Portal