Emergency care for children during the extended Easter holidays

Schools (with support of the city of Leuven) will provide emergency care for children for the extended Easter holidays

Last Wednesday, the Consultative Committee decided to extend the Easter holidays by starting a week earlier. During this extra week, the schools, with the support of the city, will provide emergency care for children of parents who have no alternative solution. During the Easter holidays themselves, some of the sports camps will continue in modified form and the city will provide emergency accommodation. Those in need of emergency accommodation can apply until noon on Monday at www.leuven.be/noodopvang.

Extra week of Easter holidays
From Monday, March 29 through Friday, April 2, Leuven primary and secondary schools and kindergartens where classes are suspended, will provide free emergency accommodation at school. Children of parents with essential professions, children from socially or medically vulnerable situations and children of parents who are unable to telecommute will be able to attend. Parents receive all information through their children's school. The city supports the schools with additional care staff where necessary.

During the Easter holidays
A number of holiday camps organised by the city and external partners will continue, adapted to the current measures. Parents who have registered their children for these, received the necessary information. 

The city also organises free emergency childcare during the Easter holidays for children of parents with an essential profession, children from vulnerable families and parents who cannot telecommute or organise childcare, and who cannot find a place in the existing offer.
Parents in need of childcare can register until noon today, Monday 29 March, at www.leuven.be/noodopvang and indicate their needs there. The city links all requests to the adapted offer: free spots at paying sports and youth camps, out-of-school childcare and free emergency childcare in a number of schools and out-of-school initiatives. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Childcare Office of the City of Leuven at info@kinderopvangleuven.be or 016 27 26 43.