City of Leuven tightens measures due to coronavirus

Thursday, March 12, 2020 - The city of Leuven is taking additional measures to delay the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible after Mayor Mohamed Ridouani consulted with various services and sectors. "We want to protect older people and people with frail health as much as possible," says Ridouani. "It is our shared responsibility to slow down the spread of the virus as much as possible."

“The time has clearly come to take more far-reaching and stringent measures to counter the rapid spread of the virus. This is important for people with poor health and older people. It is also necessary not to overload our healthcare facilities, such as hospitals and general practitioners ... This is everyone's responsibility and it is the duty of policymakers to take the most important measures and to create a clear framework," said Mayor Ridouani.

All city buildings in the leisure sector will close their doors from 17:00 tonight (list below). These are buildings managed by the city. This means that all activities in these buildings are canceled. Essential services, however, are guaranteed (police, service desk childcare, ...). The city office or Stadskantoor remains open.

These measures are in addition to the previously announced measures and are valid until March 31 and can be extended or amended.

The following infrastructure will be effected:

  • All locations of 30CC: Schouwburg, Minnepoort, Romaanse Poort, Wagehuys, Predikherenkerk
  • Museum M Leuven, de Bib Tweebronnen and other city libraries
  • All sports facilities such as swimming pools (including SportOase) and the sports halls.
  • All community centers such as Genadedal, Bosstraat, Vlierbeekveld, Bruul ...
  • Local service centers, residential care centers, the meeting areas in neighborhood centers
  • Buildings such as the historic town hall, Stelplaats, the youth center ...

Activities organized by the city are canceled. Activities by partners planned in city buildings are also canceled. All partners have been contacted.

Het Depot, in consultation with the mayor, has decided to cancel all concerts. The worship services in the mosques are also canceled. A separate communication will be made regarding Catholic services of worship.

Non-city related organizers of events are strongly advised to also cancel or postpone their events and activities.

Every effort is currently being made in the healthcare sector to avoid infecting elderly or vulnerable people and healthcare providers.

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