Getting help around the house

When you want some help around the house, you can always use ‘dienstencheques’ or service vouchers.  

The service voucher or dienstencheque is a means of payment, subsidised by the authorities, which allows a private user to pay an employee of a recognised company advantageously for household work.  This household work includes cleaning (also window cleaning), laundry and ironing, clothing repair, doing groceries and preparing meals.  

Action steps

  • Subscribe online to the company Sodexo to order service vouchers (Dutch only)
  • Make a choice between the paper service vouchers or the electronic service vouchers
  • determine the help you need and choose one of the recognised companies for household help (only in Dutch)
  • Contact the company of your choice

Attention points

  • The minimal order is 10 service vouchers, the maximum order is 1000 service vouchers for a family
  • The period of validity of service vouchers is 8 months
  • The purchase of service vouchers gives right to a tax advantage of 30%
  • The work or services performed can only be used for private needs
  • While Sodexo is the government appointed company to issue the service vouchers or dienstencheques, they do not provide the household help. There are a lot of commercial companies who provide the household help that you then pay via the system of dienstencheques

Suppliers, channels and tools


Internationals living/working in the Leuven region, searching for help around the house

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