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Info session: How to vote in Belgium

Did you know that EU and non-EU citizens (living in Belgium for 5 years) have the right to vote on local municipal elections? This is a great opportunity for your voice to be heard by your city representatives. During this in-person info session we will cover the practicalities of who can vote, how to register, and how it works on voting day in October. There will also be a moment to register to vote on the spot! 

Why now, if the elections are in October?

One purpose of providing the international community with this information now is because the deadline to register to vote is July 31st. Even if you registered for the European elections that took place in June, you still need to re-register for the local elections that take place on October 13th.

This session will also be an opportunity to have someone walk you through the voter registration process, in-person.

What will we learn during the info session?

  • Who can vote in the local elections?
    • EU citizens can vote in the commune where they are domiciled
    • Non-EU residents who have lived in Belgium for 5 years can vote in the commune where they are domiciled
  • How can you register to vote? By paper? Online?
  • What information is included in my invitation to vote?
  • If I register to vote am I required to vote in October?
  • What if I can't make it to the voting center on October 13th?
  • How do I choose my vote on the machine or paper in October? What if I don't speak Dutch to understand the instructions?
  • Q&A! You can also send in your questions while registering.

After the presentation, there will also be a moment where you can register to vote right then and there.

Who is this info session for?

Anyone looking to learn more about the process and specifics of voting in the local/municipal Belgian elections. We will have a focus for people living in Dutch-speaking communities, as the examples we use will be in Dutch.

About the Speaker

The speakers at the workshop will be from the non-profit Ik Stem Ook. Their goal is to activate people to vote by providing practical information about voting and the process of registration.


July 22nd at 19:00-20:00

Book your spot here


International House Leuven

Tiensevest 60


Free! Invite your friends ;)

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