Free webinar: Be a Happy Expat Spouse

Gain insights and learn tools to help you deal with the unique challenges you're faced with as expat spouse or partner

Whether it’s a first time move or one of many, there are challenges during a relocation which are specific to life as an expat spouse.  Not just all of the practical things but also the personal challenges: loss of identity, lack of direction or sense of purpose, loneliness…

During this webinar you’ll gain insights that help you adjusting to your new life, and tools to deal with the unique challenges you’re faced with.  And above all, you'll realize that you are absolutely not alone in this.

With wit and humor, our speaker Tanya Arler (who's joining us live from Singapore) will reveal how attitudes and expectations help or hinder adjustment, offer new perspective on how to rebuild your identity, and share indispensable wisdom for managing what she calls ‘the bumps in the road’.


  • This webinar is a 45-minute talk coupled with time for a Q&A and exchange.
  • The insights and tools offered serve practical and everyday challenges that will benefit you immediately, helping to better maneuver the daily obstacles encountered.
  • The webinar will be in English


  • The webinar is for accompanying spouses/partners seeking insight into the personal challenges they face, unique to their situation.
  • You are in the preparatory phase of a relocation OR you've already moved.
  • The talk is not country specific; it addresses underlying challenges unique to expats regardless of where you live and regardless of how many times you have moved.


Tanya Arler is American-Belgian, author of the book "UNPACK – A guide to life as an expat spouse" and expat spouse with 20 years experience. She's a coach, speaker and trainer, focusing on self-empowerment and creating change. She lived in the US, Belgium (3 times), Italy, Sweden, Tokyo and Singapore (twice) and has been delivering these talks for over 9 years.


  • Participation is free but registration is required.
  • You'll receive a Zoom-link the evening before the event so make sure your e-mail address is correct!

Registration via our event page on EventBrite.

General info

Thursday 12 November 2020
10:00 - 11:30
International House Leuven
Free (registration required)