Tuesday Evening Philosophy Club

After a hard day’s work, do you find yourself questioning what it means to live a “good” life? Or do you contemplate the absurdity of our mortal coil? If so, grab a chair, order a drink, and please join us to talk about it!

Our motivation for this group is to create an informal public space to discuss, with a critical eye, the complex questions that are meaningful to us and our lives, with the support of the unique perspectives each of us can bring to the table. Our aim is to hopefully leave each discussion with a new relation to the topics and themes discussed, and with new avenues of exploration and questions regarding them.

No prior background or formal training in philosophy is required to join; everyone and anyone are very welcome!

The discussions will be structured loosely around a broad topic that the group votes on from a pool of topics proposed by the participants. For our first meeting, we suggest that we vote on a topic for discussion that day, as well as one for our next meeting.

Let us know if you are joining via our private MeetUp group Internationals and Expats in Leuven, as it's easy to communicatie last minute changes and such via the MeetUp chat and app.

General info

Tuesday 25 July 2023
19:30 - 21:30
International House Leuven
Free (except drinks)
Joris Helleputteplein 2
3000 Leuven
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