Photography Workshop Series

Have you always wanted to get into photography, but never knew where to start? Well this workshop will cover the basics of photography over 5 sessions (one being a photography moment) and a small exposition to be planned at the end. 

This workshop is fully booked. 


This workshop will start with an introduction of the theory of photography and its techniques, plus basic post-production procedures (digital). Then we will study the form of a photo, its composition rules, what gives that pleasant sensation to the eye.

 Having ascertained what makes a picture well taken, we will go deep in what makes photos original & interesting, we will then discuss photography as a mean to tell stories (how to combine more pictures together) and how to find our own way to do photography, borrowing some ideas from psychology and mindfulness. 

There will be an optional photography session outdoors, in a place to decide together, and every participant will be encouraged to complete a little project, in the span of one month, that will be revised together with the others in group. Eventually, the works could be shown during a small and casual exposition at the International House Leuven.

Schedule: All meetings will be at the International House Leuven from 19:00-21:00

  • April 11: Introduction to photography, basic theory, composition & get to know each other
  • April 13: Telling stories with pictures & finding our way in photography
  • April 16: Outdoor Photography session; Location and time to be discussed with group
  • May 9: Revision & Discussion of your work (first half of group)
  • May 11: Revision & Discussion of your work (second half of group)


  • Free - learn why our events are free here - No show fee (10€)
  • In English

About our volunteer:

This workshop will be hosted by one of our volunteers, Andrea, who has a passion for photography and wants to help others find their own way. 

Andrea Impagnatiello is the workshop organizer. He started photography from early age, finding in it the most suitable mean to express feelings. He followed many courses of photography, even in professional schools having won a scholarship. He focuses on landscape and travelling reportage, with a zest proper of modern art. You can check his works in his website, or in his instagram @cavendishduncan.


General info

Tuesday 11 April 2023 - Thursday 11 May 2023
International House Leuven
Free - no show fee €10
International House Leuven
Tiensevest 60
3000 Leuven
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