Movie Night: Leuven Bierstad

Did you know that Leuven has always been known as the beer capital of the country? Learn more at the one-time screening of "Leuven Bierstad" with English subtitles.


We will meet at Cinema Zed and walk inside as a group at 19:45, as the movie starts right at 20:00 (so bes tot arrive a few minutes before). This movie is screened in collaboration with us for all internationals in Leuven. You MUST buy your own tickets, via this link, but there are no seat assignments, so you can meet us beforehand and we can sit together. 

Don't be afraid to chat with your neighbor as they are likely internationals in Leuven and it is a great way to connect with others. 

About the film from Cinema Zed:

Jeroen Meus, Leuven resident and beer connoisseur, guides you through Leuven's fascinating beer history, from the early Middle Ages to today. From the very first breweries to the expansion of Artois into a world market leader and the contemporary revival of craft beer brewing. Not only the breweries are discussed, but also the important role of the university (both beer professors and students) and of local folklore: pub life, beer festivals, the election of the beer king; it is all inextricably linked to Leuven.

The 19/12 screening is in collaboration with International House and will be screened with English subtitles only. 

Leuven Beer City is the sixth film in a series of films in which important historical stories about the city of Leuven are told through historical footage. Prints, paintings, photographs, films, videos and all kinds of documents were used from large professional archives, such as those of VRT and the Leuven City Archives, but also from many private archives. A lot of visual material was re-scanned at high resolution for the occasion.

General info

Monday 19 December 2022
19:45 - 21:00
International House Leuven X Cinema Zed
Cinema Zed
Andreas Vesaliusstraat 9c
3000 Leuven
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