Inclusive Coffee Gathering

A great opportunity to meet new people in a safe environment specifically tailored for everyone’s needs!

Are you looking to meeting new people in a safe and controlled environment in which everyone could feel at ease? Are you new to Leuven? Or have you already been living here for some time? Either way you are welcome to participate!

The International House Leuven wants to organize a social gathering specifically tailored to satisfy everyone needs. Our venue is wheelchair accessible (with an elevator and accessible facilities for the disabled) and a quiet and relaxed environment with the possibility to access a quiet room where anyone can take a break from the chatting in the main area. The event is tailored for neurodivergent people and/or with physical disabilities, but everybody is welcome to participate. As for every IHL event, the main language is English, this way both Internationals and local Belgians can attend and connect with others.

Feel free to attend at the time you prefer and stay as long as you wish. You can bring a friend or a family member, if you wish. We encourage you to bring a board game you’d like to play with other attendees, or something you’re passionate about and you’d love to talk about: it could be a book, a video game, a music album,words puzzles etc…

The International House will provide: earplugs, color coded badges (to non-verbally communicate your availability to interact with others) and a writing table (for those who prefer to do so instead of talking). Also, coffee and water will be provided. Drinks must be consumed in the eating room.

Note on accessibility of building: The rooms are on the first floor of the building and are accessible via an elevator. The elevator doors are 69cm wide, keep this in mind if you want to attend. We hope to meet you there!

Let us know you are coming via Meetup!

How is this different from our normal coffee mornings? Well, firstly we specifically chose this location because it is downtown, accessible, with an elevator, and accessible facilities. Secondly, it is a large space were we can spread out, chat in smaller groups, or even have place for someone to take a moment to themselves. Everyone is welcome to join this meetup, but please be respectful and open to the needs of everyone around you and yourself! :)

General info

Saturday 8 July 2023
10:00 - 12:00
International House Leuven
Romaanse Port (Room A13)
Brusselsestraat 63
3000 Leuven
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