Group Walk: Antitank Trench Walk

Join us for a group walk in the Leuven region! This is a great opportunity to meet new friends and explore the nature around Leuven.

We will do a walk of about 12km around the trenches in Haacht/Wespelaar! You can find the itinerary here.

You can come to the walk as you please (by car, train, or bike) but please arrive on time; we will be a large group and it is difficult to keep track of everyone. You can join the whatsapp group via this link ( and this will be the best way to communicate with us.

After the walk there will be the option have a drink at a local cafe near the train station.

Meeting point: Leuven station (Starbucks) at 13:45 OR Wespelaar-Tildonk Station at 14:05

If you are coming by:
- CAR: Park at the Wespelaar station (15ish minute drive from Leuven)
- BIKE: 30-40 minute ride from Leuven station (12 km)
- TRAIN: take the train from Leuven to Wespelaar-Tildonk (train info: L 4134 to Mechelen). Departure normally from platform 8, at 13:54 arrival 14:04

For those that are taking the train, we will meet in front of the Starbucks at 13:45, please buy your ticket beforehand (€5). If you are running late and we aren't in front of the Starbucks we will be on the platform.

Let us know you are joining via Eventbrite or Meetup

General info

Sunday 12 June 2022
14:00 - 17:00
International House Leuven
Free (cost of transportation)