Free individual career counselling service

International House Leuven is teaming up with dr. Elissavet Lykogianni this summer to offer individual career counselling sessions.

The sessions are tailored to meet an individual's needs with regards to career development.  This can be via

  • One-time career counselling :
    • Redefining goals
    • Support for a job application
    • Rehearsal of a job interview
    • Prepare a performance review
  • Multiple career counselling sessions:
    • Self-assessment
    • Getting to know the job market
    • Defining goals and planning
    • CV and cover letter advice
    • Interview preparation

Suitable for international Leuveners who are

  • actively looking for a job
  • looking for a career change
  • interested in starting a business or becoming self-employed
  • interested to challenge themselves with a personal development discussion

The sessions are one-on-one and will take place during July, August and September.  Participation is free for members of the International House Leuven. The only requirement is a good working knowledge of English or Dutch and a willigness to dedicate some time and effort to the process.


Sessions will take place at the International House Leuven, Tiensevest 60, 3000 Leuven. If you are interested to participate, please complete this registration form and dr. Elissavet Lykogianni will contact you for an intake call. Places are available until capacity is reached.

General info

Wednesday 1 July 2020 - Wednesday 30 September 2020
International House Leuven
International House Leuven
Tiensevest 60
3000 Leuven
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