Business mentoring

Are you an international in Leuven and considering starting as a freelancer? Do you want to share and discuss your idea and its feasibility? Do you need a guiding hand to help figure out all the practicalities and develop a realistic action plan?

International House Leuven supports your entrepreneurial ambition!

We want to connect you with people that can help you with setting objectives and provide concrete guidance in the start-up process.
To get you on your way, International House Leuven sponsors the first coaching session with a business mentor.No strings attached, you get to decide afterwards if, how and when you continue with the program.

How does it work?

You register online for your first free session and we will connect you with Leuven based business mentor The Square Dot Team. The number of available places is limited and the session will be in English.

More information is available in this flyer.

General info

Wednesday 28 October 2020 - Sunday 31 January 2021
International House Leuven
First session is free