6 Weeks of Mastery

A support group for entrepreneurs and freelancers focusing on achieving your goals. 

Are you a freelancer looking to take your career to the next level? Do you crave a supportive community of like-minded individuals who understand your journey? Look no further! 

We're thrilled to announce our exclusive Freelancer Mastermind Group.

WHAT: Mastermind is a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who are not shy about their even most audacious goals and ideas. The group can exchange ideas about what to do, ask for feedback, and support each other during the process. It is a safe space to express your ideas and thoughts without judgment or unwanted advice. Our community is built on a foundation of respect towards each other, respect for the goals, and celebrating achievements.

Participation in masterminds is voluntary and free of charge. However, we ask you to approach it as a commitment! 

Our weekly meetings are the heart of our community, providing valuable opportunities for growth and collaborations. We encourage you to prioritize attendance, as cancellations or missed meetings can reduce your effectiveness and impact the entire group. We expect participants to join at the very least 5 of the 6 weeks.

WHO: This MasterMind group is tailored explicitly for freelancers eager to accelerate their success and embrace the power of collaboration. Whether you're just starting or have year of experience, this group is perfect fro anyone seeking a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

What's in it for you?

By joining the Freelancer MasterMind Group, you'll gain access to a wealth of benefits:

  • Weekly 2-hour face-to-face meetings: Engage in dynamic discussions, brainstorm i, and receive personalized feedback from your peers and the coach
  • Stay connected with your fellow participants throughout the 6 weeks. Share achievements, seek motivation, and provide support to one another
  • Learning and growth: Tap into the group's collective wisdom, learn new strategies, and gain fresh perspectives to overcome challenges and achieve your goals. 
  • Accountability and motivation: Benefit from the support and encouragement of your peers, helping you stay focused, motivated, and accountable to your objectives.

Practical info: It will run for 6 weeks, with 2-hour face-to-face meetings held from 18:00-20:00.

Dates (Attending 5 out of the 6 sessions in required to participatie):

  • October 3; 18:00-20:00
  • October 10; 18:00-20:00
  • October 17; 18:00-20:00
  • October 24; 18:00-20:00
  • October 31; 18:00-20:00
  • November 7; 18:00-20:00

Ground rules:

  • Respect and support for fellow participants
  • One person talks at a time
  • Each person gets equal time
  • Feedback only upon request

Facilitated by an experienced moderator who will guide the discussions and ensure everyone has an opportunity to contribute.

About our Volunteer:

My name is Valeria, a Personal Development Coach dedicated to Empowering Ambitious Women to Master Work, Motherhood, and Everyday Life with Ease 🚀. As a certified coach according to ICF standards and an expert in productivity and organization, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. With three MBAs and over 10 years of working in large international companies, leading teams, and managing projects of different scales and locations, I'm well-equipped to support you on your journey toward success.

General info

Tuesday 3 October 2023
18:00 - 20:00
International House Leuven
International House Leuven
Tiensevest 60
3000 Leuven
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