Covid-19 testing protocol for internationals in Leuven

Information on the Covid-19 testing protocol for internationals in Leuven

Since 31 Dec EVERYBODY i.e residents and non-residents alike, returning to Belgium from a red zone (see map) will have to go into a mandatory 7 day quarantine and undergo two PCR-tests: the first one on the first day of quarantine and a second one on day 7.

The Corona testing strategy differentiates between residents and non-residents of Belgium.

A. Non-residents, regardless of their nationality, coming to Belgium for more than 48 hours must be able to present a negative test result (which is a maximum of 72 hours old) upon entry of the country.

Update: a special protocol for booking a test in Leuven exists for newly arrived persons who do not have a Belgian national number yet.  Information in English can be consulted on a dedicated website of coronapostLeuven.

B. Belgian residents need an activation code to make an appointment for a test in a Belgian triage-centre.

Summary of situations in which a test is required for residents:

  • Symptoms: immediately self-isolate and contact your GP for a test (either at your GP's or a triage centre)
  • No symptoms BUT 
    1. you were contacted by the contact tracing centre (=  high risk contact) and received a testing code (16 numbers + letters)
    2. you were referred by the company doctor (who will give you a testing code)
    3. you return from abroad (absence of >48h).  You complete the mandatory Passenger Location Form.  As of 31 Dec EVERYBODY returning from a red zone is considered high risk.  Consequently a 7 days quarantine and two separate PCR tests (day 1 an day 7) are mandatory. You receive testing codes by sms.

Testing in Leuven: There are four testing centres for inhabitants of East-Brabant which includes Leuven.  You can book your own appointment, on the condition that you have a testing code.  To select the centre of your choice and to book the appointment click here.  The tool itself is in Dutch but the FAQ is available in English. A map with all testing centres in Belgium can be found here.

It's also possible to go to the testing centre at the airport (no Belgian national number required to book the test).

Quarantine is mandatory as of the day of a high risk contact or high-risk return to Belgium (= received sms with testing code). Testing is done on the 7th day counting from the day of the high risk contact, or on the first ánd 7th day following a high-risk return to Belgium.  Should you develop symptoms during quarantine, testing is done immediately (contact GP).

General testing information and a FAQ is available on the website CoronaPostLeuven (partially in English).

There is a separate protocol for students of KU Leuven, UCLL or LUCA.

If you don't have a GP in Leuven yet, you can read more on how to find a doctor here.

Official government website with detailed and updated information on all measures, quarantine and testing:


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