Corona: helping others - asking for help - 24/7 helpline

What can you do to help others during the corona crisis? And how do you request assistance if you need it?

The city of Leuven centralizes all offers and requests for help under one platform called 'Leuven Helpt' or Leuven Helps (there's a button to switch the page to English).

Taking care of friends, family, neighbours or the wider community can be very rewarding and a stress reliever but needs to be balanced out with care for yourself. For most people these are unprecedented circumstances.  A surge of fear and anxiety about the disease itself but also the public health actions taken can be overwhelming and cause an intense emotional reaction. Go easy on yourself (and others).

If you need to let off some steam or feel like your thoughts or actions have become debilitating, please know that it is absolutely ok to ask for help. That help can be as simple as asking a neighbour to pick something up for you at the store to reaching out for assistance with mental health supports. 

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