Child care during school holidays

Leuven offers different child care options where children can participate in leisure activities during school holidays. 

The modalities (e.g. location, price, opening hours, staff, program,…) of the holiday child care providers vary and not all options are available in every school holiday. Inform yourself to be sure that the modalities cover your needs.

Action steps

  • Inform yourself about the different holiday child care options that are provided in Leuven, to make sure it meets your needs. In short there are:
    • Leisure camps (e.g. sports, music, drama, arts,…) where you register for a whole week of thematical activities (e.g. “tofsportkampen”).
    • Playground camps (“speelpleinen”), after a once-off registration your child can take part on a day to day or even half day basis. The youth service of Leuven organizes such camps on different locations in the city.
    • Day workshops for which you register with the organizing entity.
    • Holiday child care providers who also offer child care before and after school during the schoolyear. You need to register and communicate the days/weeks your child is coming in advance. Your child can take part on a day to day or half day basis, but you can also register for one or more weeks to make sure there is continuity for your child.
  • For an overview of all possibilities, contact the Child Care Counter: 016 27 26 43, of

Attention points

  • Register well in advance, to have the certainty of a place
  • One of the biggest advantages of letting your child go to this kind of activities is immersion. Children will be immersed in the local language (Dutch) and culture.

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Parents who are looking for child care options where children age 2,5 to 12 can go to during short or long school holidays.

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