Welcome Hosts

Do you want to be at the forefront of the international community in Leuven? International House Leuven is looking for Welcome Ambassadors to help improve the integration of newly arrived internationals and their families.

Are you a resident of the greater Leuven area and willing to commit time and energy in supporting an new international?   You can be from Leuven, other parts of Belgium or an international living in Leuven as long as you have a soft spot for and some knowledge about Leuven.


This program simply provides a connection between two people, with one person being more experienced in ‘being from Leuven’ than the other. The programme is an integral part of how we want to go above and beyond in welcoming internationals to our region and create a dynamic community mixing both professional and social activities in a fun environment. Duo's are paired for for an initial 6-month period.

Why should you join (or nominate a friend)?

  • Meet people from all over the world, who are also currently living and/or working in Leuven
  • Have some fun in the Leuven way, mixing business and social life
  • Make friends within the international community of Leuven
  • Be recognized for your achievements as a Welcome Ambassador
  • Be part of an interesting peer to peer storytelling platform, where the story is you

Applicants say yes to these points and apply:  

  • Love might be a strong word, but you are at least a fan of Leuven
  • You are an outgoing person who likes to meet other like-minded people
  • Would be interested in networking with the international community in Leuven
  • Want to be part of a program that seeks to showcase Leuven as a future career destination to the world!

Are you interested in becoming a Welcome Host? Then you can click the button below to apply. 

If you want to know more about the ins and outs of the program then you can read the handbook here

Have you live in Leuven less than 6 months? Then check out the newcomer page.

Are you not sure if you qualify to be a welcome host, or do you have any questions? Feel free to reach out to us via e-mail and our program expert will get back to you shortly.


Anyone who feels at home in Leuven and wants to help newcomers start their new life in Leuven!

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